The largest opportunities come from areas where attention and capital are scarcest

Our Investment Strategy

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know that success requires more than capital alone. The people we invest in are the single most important factor in our combined prosperity. We make debt and equity investments ranging from $250k-$5m in high-growth, revenue generating ventures while targeting yield and capital appreciation for our investors.



Lateral Capital takes a hands on approach to the companies we engage with. We leverage a team of experienced investment professionals, operators and venture partners to serve as mentors to our portfolio companies.

We make investments that marry proprietary bottom up solutions to changing macro themes. Our key criteria include: experienced team; differentiated product; technology innovation, profitable business models; and the ability to scale across our thematic areas


Our Mission

The utilization of our finite resources will determine the future of our planet. This challenge is compounded by the demographic and economic growth underway in Africa. Lateral is committed to the UN’s SDGs and adheres to international ESG standards.

Resource Utilization

Economic Growth coupled with 1.2b more people by 2025 will put unprecedented pressure on infrastructure such as energy, water, land and food.

Climate Change

Climate change is likely to exacerbate inequality and resource scarcity while increasing resource nationalism and conflict.


An unprecedented emerging consumer class will accelerate resource constraints while 67% of the global population will live in urban environments by 2050.


Technology can be a great enabler of growth but has the propensity to further inequality at a time when Africa requires the formation of 600m new jobs by 2035.